Since 1924 our aim has never changed: to produce nothing but the best fabrics for shirting.

From the year of its foundation, S.I.C.TESS has always chosen quality without compromise.

S.I.C.TESS’s great history is all held in a vast archive. This huge collection is formed by a variety of swatch books that witness the shifts in fashion, style and taste in the last 100 years. A history narrated by thousands of small coloured fabrics dating from 1900 until now.

After many years, the symbol of S.I.C.TESS is still a flying airplane, to remember a history made of devotion, mastery and precision. It was Emilio Comotti, son of the founder and a passionate pilot, who introduced the airplane with its golden wake that still decorates all the company’s image.

Today S.I.C.TESS belongs to Gruppo Tessile Monti, and carefully preserving its past and tradition, benefits from the experience of a great industrial group to face the future and follow its own purpose of excellence.